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Dedicated to delivering a vacation to remember!

Bluewater Vacation Homes’ success rests on our Team Members’ shoulders. Our team consists of a group of dedicated individuals serving under a professional vacation rental management group focused on creating remarkable experiences for our guests, and top-notch service for our homeowner-partners. We all live here, and as local area experts, we are passionate about providing spaces for our guests to relax, recharge, and create amazing vacation memories. As locals, we are also dedicated to peaceful coexistence with our neighbors to ensure a pleasant and positive experience for all.

Keilani Hoff

Keilani Hoff

Where I'm from: Kihei, Maui

About me: An island native who enjoys art and nature- live music and outdoor adventures fuel my soul. I feel my best when I am creating art or helping others. Whether it is environmental activism, or youth outreach, it is my desire to help make the world a better place. As a “Jill of all trades” I have performed a plethora of occupations but have always had my hand in real estate since a young girl following my realtor grandma around to work. I’ve enjoyed nannying, teaching dance, and accounting, but I always knew I would end up in Real Estate in some form or another. Working in the Vacation Rental industry is a marriage of my creative and analytical skills put to practical use and I enjoy it greatly!

Why I love San Diego: I love San Diego because it has a dynamic music scene, great food from all over the world, stunning parks, gorgeous beaches, and close proximity to the mountains and deserts. Another reason I love San Diego is because it’s such a melting pot of cultures. There’s nothing you can’t discover or experience here!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I utilize my vast property management experience and apply it to ensuring our homes exhibit the highest quality and aesthetics. The best part about my role is applying my creative skills to fulfill Bluewater’s Vision of a remarkable guest experience. It is my pride and joy to create an unforgettable environment for memories to be made.

What makes Bluewater outstanding in the vacation rental management field? – As an avid traveler who values the vacation rental experience, Bluewater offers a standard of excellence unlike anywhere else I’ve seen. They truly think of all the details to provide a vacation experience that is above and beyond. I also appreciate their prioritization of care and attentiveness regarding the customer/client relationship, our guests and home owners are our #1 priority!

Diana Ulsh

Diana Ulsh

Where I'm from: Virgina

About me: Born and raised on the east coast but have spent the last 10 years making San Diego my home. I’m an artist that enjoys painting colorful landscapes on canvas and designing surfboards.

Why I love San Diego: All the beautiful nature! Beaches, mountains and desert are all within reach

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I’m an inspector who takes pride in making sure our homes are in top shape and contributing to the best guest experience around!

Why is Bluewater considered the best local vacation rental manager? – Bluewater has an established reputation for providing high quality service and an outstanding team that goes above and beyond.

Rachel Hube

Rachel Hube

Where I'm from: Cincinnati, OH

About me: I’m super into interior design, home architecture, and anything vintage. I spend a lot of time thrifting and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Why I love San Diego: The beaches and vibes are so good! Half the time I’m working, I feel like I’m also on vacation because of the stunning views and fun atmosphere.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I’m on the inspection team. With my meticulous eye for detail and presentation, I help keep the homes looking and functioning at their best.

What makes Bluewater stand out as a vacation rental management company? – Bluewater has an amazing team of people who all genuinely care about the guest experience. Every small detail is thought about and taken care of. 

Adam Andres

Adam Andres

Where I'm from: Long Beach, California

About me: I enjoy spending quality time with my kids playing by the Seaside, hanging at the zoo, getting ingredients at the farmer’s market, or in Julian Apple picking. After the kids are asleep I spend my evenings creating music and researching to optimize my stock and cryptocurrency portfolios.

Why I love San Diego: With spectacular weather, an amazing outdoorsy culture, beautiful views, and food so tasty you'll spend as much time Instagramming as eating it, San Diego is the perfect expression of a cool Cali vibe we all search for.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I utilize my time, tools, and talent to ensure our guests have a “next level” positive experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. As an inspector, my goal is to elevate the standard by going the extra mile to ensure a vibrant and quality vacation home environment.

What makes Bluewater stand out over other Airbnb managers? – The mastery of the three D’s: details, determination and dedication. No other company I’ve seen has a better 3D view.

Gary Begonia

Gary Begonia

Where I'm from: The Phillipines

About me: I was raised on the beautiful island of Guam and have called San Diego home for the past 20 years. I love being outdoors and spending time with my family.

Why I love San Diego: Of course, everyone loves the weather in San Diego. It is pretty much spring year-round with a few months of summer. San Diego has a unique vibe. It is your typical SoCal city, laid back and sunny. It is a low-stress city, especially considering its size which reminds me of the island life back home. I think it's got to do with the weather and the ocean. How can you be mad, if the sun is shining?

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I work partly with the quality assurance inspection team to make sure each stay is perfectly enjoyable by ensuring our homes are well maintained and in the best possible condition.

What makes Bluewater different than other vacation rental managers? – Happy team, happy owners, happy guests.  We’re the behind-the-scenes problem-solvers who create worry-free experiences for our owners and guests.  Bluewater sets the bar high with its top-notch quality and customer service.

Kelly Brady

Kelly Brady

Where I'm from: DeMotte, Indiana

About me: Like many others, I'm a Mid West Native who found her way to San Diego! From a young age I knew hospitality would be my career with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and I have never looked back! I also love being a Mom to my three kids, beach walks, board games, 70’s Music, Sunrises and Sunsets. Even though I'm on the west coast, I'm still forever a Chicago Cubs Fan!

Why I love San Diego: I love San Diego for SO many reasons. Of course the weather – but more than that the opportunity to have everything from the Beach to cultural experiences, to great food! The ability to be at the beach, the desert or the mountains within a few hours! It is not only a great place to vacation but a great place to live.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: With an eye for detail as well as a heart of service, the role I serve and contribute to is to our guests, homeowners, and fellow team members! I am passionate about travel and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Why is Bluewater different than other San Diego vacation rental managers? – What I love is that it’s not just one thing!  We stand apart due to our values, team members, focus on guest experience, and great leadership.  Everyone at Bluewater is truly invested in our owners, properties, and creating a remarkable experience for all. 

Leah Freeland

Leah Freeland

Where I'm from: Hanalei, Kauai

About me: A San Diego local that enjoys all the outdoor activities that our city has to offer. I can often be found at the beach with my family and I'm known to enjoy long ocean swims and water photography of my kid's surfing or skimboarding. I have a LOVE for fresh seafood and I am in luck as my husband is an expert fisherman and is always bringing home fresh tuna from our local ocean and sharing it with family and friends. Nothing beats a family bbq to relax and unwind after a long beach day. To show my appreciation and give back to our wonderful city, I am actively involved in local schools and community projects.

Why I love San Diego: The beach....the beach....and well the BEACH! Oh yeah, and the gorgeous sunsets in October and November. San Diego is an amazing community to raise a family in and I consider myself blessed to be able to live and work here.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I put my skills to use daily as an innovative leader and problem-solver. We are in a dynamic industry with many moving parts, so developing clear procedures and objectives for my team is important to keep everyone moving in the same direction. I take great pride in providing the operational support needed to keep our homes in top shape and our homeowners and guests satisfied.

What makes Bluewater outstanding in the vacation rental management field? – Bluewater has a reputation for delivering a consistent experience. I’ve stayed in vacation rentals all over, and I’ll put our homes and team against any other agency out there! 

Patrick Lazok

Patrick Lazok

Where I'm from: San Diego, California

About me: My name is Patrick and I like to surf.

Why I love San Diego: I love San Diego because of the weather and outside activities I can enjoy doing daily.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I am in inspector for the homes and it's my job to make sure our guests have a 5 star experience.

What makes Bluewater the best vacation rental manager? – Every way that Bluewater operates is centered around improving our guest’s experience. We keep our homes are in top condition and go above and beyond to ensure that we provide a beautiful vacation.

Natalia Casillas

Natalia Casillas

Where I'm from: Mexico City, Mexico

About me: I enjoy spending time outside exploring, eating at different places, meeting new people, and having quality time with my loved ones and my pets.

Why I love San Diego: It has so much to offer! One day you can be working on your tan at the beach and the next you can go to the dessert or go snow sliding in Julian. It is also very close to Mexico so whenever I feel homesick, I can drive to TJ for Mexican food.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I have traveled to some places and one thing we all have in common is that no matter where we go, we want to feel at home, we want people to be friendly and that is what I try to provide to our guests! Creating a stress-free experience, where you can call us if your coffee pot stops working or if you want some restaurant suggestions!

How does Bluewater stand apart from other vacation rental management companies? – Our team at Bluewater is constantly working to be better at providing our guests with a personable vacation rental experience, we take our guests’ feedback and use it to create a difference in their stay. And our goal is for our guests to enjoy their stay and come back every time they visit San Diego!

Gabe Salvesen

Gabe Salvesen

Where I'm from: Encinitas, CA

About me: I love all things to do with coastal real estate.

Why I love San Diego: I love San Diego because it’s my home. There’s so much to do here and I’m still finding more cool new things to fill my time with!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I help coordinate property care and maintenance to ensure a flawless guest experience. I am constantly looking for ways to problem solve and make sure everything in our homes is just right.

Why is Bluewater different than other San Diego short-term rental managers? – Bluewater provides guests and owners with a high quality and flawless experience. We set the bar high!

Paul Becker

Paul Becker

Where I'm from: San Diego

About me: Growing up, I spent many childhood summers staying with friends and family in vacation rentals along the coast of San Diego where some of my earliest and fondest memories were created. Since then, my experience working in real estate and hospitality related businesses provided me with the foundation to create Bluewater Vacation Homes. I consider myself lucky to now live and work where I used to come on vacation!

Why I love San Diego: What's not to love? Of course, you can’t beat the weather, but the options for fun and adventure are endless: beautiful coastlines, mountains, deserts, amusement parks, state parks, beaches, bays, breweries, museums, boating, fishing, surfing, horse racing, baseball, etc. It's all here!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: My role in the company is to lead my team and keep a tight focus on our responsibility to provide guests with clean, well-maintained and well-appointed homes, where they can relax, re-connect and create their own favorite memories. When we do these things well, we serve our homeowner-partners' interests at the same time.

What makes Bluewater different than other vacation rental managers? – I would sum it up by saying that we’re really good at being proactive rather than reactive, and that is very hard to do in this business.

Anthony Ferretti

Anthony Ferretti

Where I'm from: North Haven, CT

About me: Growing up in the forests of the northeast fostered a love and appreciation for nature. I moved to San Diego in 2017 and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I enjoy camping and hiking and all those outdoorsy things. I also enjoy cooking and baking. Outside of work I practice psychology and astrology and am involved in social activism.

Why I love San Diego: There’s so much that makes San Diego special, from the beaches to the mountains, to the weather, to the laid-back vibes of the city, to every kind of nightlife. And the ocean! Coming from the East Coast, I have to say the Pacific is better than the Atlantic.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: As a quality assurance inspector, it’s my job to make sure everything in our homes is up to the high standard we set at Bluewater. I want people to have as relaxing and enjoyable a vacation as they can, so I try to pay attention to detail to avoid pesky minor inconveniences.

What makes Bluewater different than other vacation rental managers? – It’s really something, everyone here at Bluewater truly cares and considers their job to be an important responsibility. We all love this city, and we want everyone who comes to visit to love it too and to be able to have the best experience possible.

Cynthia Cuevas

Cynthia Cuevas

Where I'm from: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

About me: I love watching movies, play Volleyball, enjoy playing the piano, and love food! I am a mom of 3 wonderful children and love to see them change, grow, and become the person they aspire to be in every stage of their lives.

Why I love San Diego: I arrived in San Diego 23 years ago and never left! It’s a beautiful place full of opportunities, cultural diversity, professional growth, perfect weather, and the people are super chill; We have it all!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I assist in the Hospitality Department by keeping contact with guest before, during and after their stay, ensuring they have a memorable experience during their trip. I assist with reservations and maintain effective communication between departments.

What makes Bluewater different than other vacation rental managers? – I’ve seen every single staff member at some point going above and beyond. I believe that our happy guests reflect how the company runs internally and how each department bonds thus we can deliver on our values: Help First, Remarkable Experiences and Best in Class.

Steve Garza

Steve Garza

Where I'm from: Fresno, California

About me: I am a big sports fan, mainly baseball, GO PADRES! I also enjoy spending time out on the beach and boardwalk as well as playing games like volleyball, billiards, and ping pong.

Why I love San Diego: I grew up in San Diego, my family relocated when I was 9 years old. San Diego has a wide variety of things to do, in addition to the plethora of restaurants available. It is easy to stay active in this city and well fed!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: As a very detail-oriented person, I focus on achieving an exceptionally clean and functional home for our guests to truly enjoy their stay.

Why is Bluewater different than other Vacation Rental Managers? – The standard and quality of experience that Bluewater Vacation Homes provides is second to none.

Mark Christensen

Mark Christensen

Where I'm from: The Phillipines!

About me: I am a common San Diego sight, a Navy Brat! I was Born on a military base in the Philippines and when I was young my family came to the States to settle. San Diego has been my home for over 20 years and definitely where my heart is.

Why I love San Diego: Whenever asked what I love about San Diego I feel at a loss because there is so much that I love and cherish about my home. From the rich cultural influences to the weather that only other states only dream of.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I work partly with the quality assurance inspection team to make sure each stay is perfectly enjoyable, and once our perfection is achieved I also work with our maintenance technicians to make sure all of our homes are in tip-top shape.

Why is Bluewater different than other San Diego Airbnb managers? – I hope what I bring and show at Bluewater everyday is a strong commitment to providing straightforward and great service for our guests who entrust us with their time off. What really makes me love working for Bluewater is that this organization and its staff all strive to make sure that each vacation experience is as great as it can be in our beautiful and diverse city.

Jordan Nichols

Jordan Nichols

Where I'm from: Crested Butte, CO

About me: Grew up in a small town tucked deep in the Rockies and spent my time playing pond hockey, skiing, and mountain biking. After a life spent in Colorado, I decided it was time for a change and traded my skis in for a surfboard. More accurately, I traded them in for 4 surfboards.

Why I love San Diego: It’s -10 in Crested Butte in February. San Diego is 60 and sunny. More importantly, San Diego is a multicultural city and that makes it truly unique.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: Bluewater achieves a high level balance between Property Management and Hospitality. With a background in both, I understand how to care for premier properties and exceed guest expectations.

Why is Bluewater a standout among San Diego vacation rental management companies? – Through experienced leadership, Bluewater anticipates guest and homeowner needs on an elite level. With a high standard of safety and maintenance, guests can focus on making lifelong memories when they visit San Diego.

Chris Ewing

Chris Ewing

Where I'm from: San Diego, CA

About me: I love live music, playing hockey, and spending lots of time with my awesome kids!

Why I love San Diego: It’s versatile. You can be hiking in the mountains one moment and at the beach soaking up the next. You can do anything here!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I help make each experience a 5 star experience by preparing the homes in advance for guest’s arrival and providing support if anything comes up. I love when I walk away from a home and the guests are smiling!

How does Bluewater stand apart from other vacation rental management companies? – We make the experience personal, our staff is attentive, and we do our best to make sure each guest knows they are our top priority.

Robert Cass

Robert Cass

Where I'm from: San Blas, Mexico

About me: I enjoy surfing, hanging out at the beach, vanilla bean lattes and a good taco!

Why I love San Diego: I love the weather, it's always sunny!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: It's my responsibility to look out for the little things and make sure that our homeowner-partners and guests are pleased when they arrive at their homes.

How does Bluewater stand apart from other vacation rental management companies? – I’ve seen it time and time again, we go over and above to do whatever it takes to make sure our guests have an amazing stay. The way we operate is guest-centric and always evolving to be the best in the business.

Amy Kreston

Amy Kreston

Where I'm from: Minnesota

About me: When I’m not at work, you can find me in the yoga studio, the beach, or the golf course. I love soaking up the sunshine while connecting with others.

Why I love San Diego: San Diego undeniably lives up to its name as America’s Finest City; we have the finest people, restaurants, beaches, hiking trails, music, golf courses (did someone say Torrey Pines!?!), and not to be slighted, the finest sunshine.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I am obsessed creating the best guest experience possible. From the first click into our website to the moment the guest locks their home at check-out, I work to make the guest experience seamlessly and easy.

Why is Bluewater different than other management companies? – I would have to say that everyone on our team has a clear understanding of our mission. It’s not just a job, we all feel a responsibility to our guests, and take great pride when we get a 5-star review because we know we’ve earned it as a team.

Megan McGarty

Megan McGarty

Where I'm from: San Diego, Ca

About me: I’m a huge movie buff and love playing pub trivia. I am a traveler at heart, and happiest out exploring and finding great spots to photograph.

Why I love San Diego: San Diego may be a big city, but each neighborhood has so much character, you feel like you’re in a different place altogether. Plus, so many amazing and unique restaurants, it’s impossible to try them all, but I’m working on it!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: My love of art and architecture influenced my career starting out in Custom Home Construction, and my love of travel led me to Hosting and Vacation Property Management. That experience helps me ensure our Homes are in the best possible condition. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to create an environment for our Guests to make life-long memories with family and friends.

Why is Bluewater different than other Airbnb managers? – Across the board, the team at Bluewater puts the Guest Experience as our highest priority. Collectively, we use our talents to take the stress out of travel, so our guests can enjoy themselves from the moment they walk in the door.

Jacob Galvan

Jacob Galvan

Where I'm from: Michoacán, Mexico

About me: I enjoy familiarizing myself with different walking trails. I spend most weekends hiking up Cowles Mountain, mountain biking in Otay Lakes, and visiting different breweries around San Diego County.

Why I love San Diego: I love San Diego because of the variety of cultures and sub-cultures within the many cities of San Diego County. I enjoy hosting my family, friends, and guests that live outside of San Diego. Venturing out to Old Town, Balboa Park, or any local Beach is always a fun time for visitors. A visit to Downtown Gaslamp to check out the night life is also an entertaining experience that gives the people I host the opportunity to visit many bars, restaurants, clubs, lounges, etc. “Yo amo San Diego!”

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience: I lead and guide my team to coordinate efficiently, inspect thoroughly, and promptly address the safety and functionality of our vacation homes.

How does Bluewater stand apart from other vacation rental management companies? One of the core values at Bluewater that really resonated with me is the desire to be “Best in Class.” That can only happen if we do whatever it takes to fulfill our homeowner’s and guest’s needs. When we act quickly and provide great customer service, we help create the remarkable experiences that Bluewater is known for.

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