Things to Do in Pacific Beach

Things to Do in Pacific Beach

Located less than 15 minutes from San Diego, Pacific Beach is a laid-back community that encourages you to relax along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Go for a leisurely stroll along the oceanfront boardwalk, shop at trendy Garnet Avenue boutiques, learn to catch a wave at Tourmaline Surf Park, reel in a fish at Crystal Pier or dance the night away at a nightclub. Check out local experiences and all there is to do in Pacific Beach close to your Bluewater vacation rental.


The main shopping district of Pacific Beach is located at Garnet Ave and Mission Blvd. Enjoy a premier experience as you browse upscale shops, brand-name boutiques and other intriguing stores.

Local tip: This area is a great spot to grab lunch or spend the night out on the town.


This surfing-only beach in North Pacific Beach is ideal for beginners, longboarders, windsurfers and kitesurfers. Watch the surfers or try your luck catching a wave. Waves tend to be slow and “slopey” in form with the perfect conditions to learn to stand or try a new trick.


Ideal for sightseeing, Crystal Pier features the historic cottages of the Crystal Pier Hotel built in the 1930s. In addition, the wooden pier is famous as a top fishing spot. Hook barred surfperch, corbina, halibut and shovelnose guitarfish, as well as lobster.

Local tip: Don’t forget bait and a fishing license.


The Pacific Beach Boardwalk is a concrete walkway that spans about 3.5 miles from North Pacific Beach to South Mission Beach. Go for a walk along the scenic waterfront path, grab a bite to eat, purchase a souvenir and take in the sights. Enjoy rollerblading, biking, skateboarding and running. You can rent bikes and skates at shops nearby.


Pacific Beach is a playground for surfers, swimmers and people who just love the beach. Visitors of all ages can enjoy bodyboarding, longboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, boating, sunbathing, picnicking and much more. In addition, there are a multitude of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops within walking distance. Rent beach and water sports gear during your vacation with Bluewater.

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