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Meet the Bluewater Vacation Homes Team

Team Bluewater - Dedicated to delivering a vacation to remember!

Bluewater Vacation Homes is a professional vacation rental agency born and raised in coastal San Diego. Our staff is assembled of individuals with many different backgrounds, who have come together to create a cohesive team dedicated to delivering top-notch experiences for guests and our homeowner-partners. We all live in San Diego and are passionate about providing remarkable spaces for guests to relax, recharge, and create amazing vacation memories. We're here to help our guests exploring the neighborhoods, culture, attractions, and the incredible natural beauty of the San Diego County region. As locals, we are also dedicated to peaceful coexistence with our neighbors to ensure a pleasant and positive experience for all.

paul becker bluewater

Paul Becker - Founder and President

Where I'm from - San Diego, California

About me - Growing up, I spent childhood summers staying in vacation rentals along the coast of San Diego, which is where I created some of my earliest and favorite memories with friends and family. Since then, my experience in other businesses, with elements of real estate and hospitality, provided the foundation to create and build Bluewater Vacation Homes. Bluewater was founded with the intention to never be a "Me-Too" vacation rental agency, but instead, be the "Go-To" vacation rental agency for both the owners of top-quality vacation homes and guests who expect more than what a typical agency can provide. I love that Bluewater gives me the opportunity to see friends and families re-connect, and create their own lifelong memories. 

Why I love San Diego - What's not to love? Of course, you can’t beat the weather, but the options for fun and adventure are endless: beautiful coastlines, mountains, deserts, amusement parks, beaches, bays, breweries, museums, state parks, boating, fishing, surfing, horse racing, sports, etc. It's all here!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience - My role in the company is to keep a tight focus on our responsibility to provide our guests with clean, well-maintained and well-appointed homes, where our guests can relax, recharge, while getting away from life's pressures. When we do these things well, we serve our homeowner-partners' best interests at the same time.

Why makes Bluewater different than other companies? -  I would sum it up by saying we're really good at being proactive rather than reactive, and that is very hard to do in this business.


Alison Breier bluewater vacation homes

Alison Breier - Manager of Quality Assurance

Where I'm from - San Diego, Ca

About me - I enjoy traveling, going to see live music, freelancing as a floral designer, and spending time with my fiance and my pug, Rhino.  

Why I love San Diego - I absolutely love the culinary scene and the laid-back vibe of my city, especially along the coast. 

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience - I am a perfectionist, and while that may sometimes cause me problems, it helps to ensure that our homes are up to Bluewater standards. I only feel satisfied when my to-do list is complete at the end of the day. In this type of business, I'm afraid I'm not satisfied often, but I know the next day I can't wait to try again!  

Why is Bluewater different? - I would have to say that everyone on our team has a clear understanding of our mission. It's not just a job, we all feel a responsibility to our guests, and take great pride when we get a 5-star review because we know we've earned it as a team.

Stephanie Somers bluewater vacation homes

Stephanie Somers - Lead Hospitality Agent

Where I'm From - Lynden, Washington

About me - I grew up in Washington and moved to San Diego for my last two years of college. I graduated from Cal State San Marcos with my degree in Business while playing basketball for the university. I love going to the beach, playing with all my coworkers’ dogs, and going to any sporting event!

Why I love San Diego -  I love all the delicious food San Diego has to offer, and being from the Pacific Northwest, can't get enough of the abundant sunshine and the laid-back lifestyle suits me! There is so much to do here, exploring new beaches, walking on the boardwalk, experiencing Gaslamp Quarter, or watching the sunset over the ocean at Sunset Cliffs.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience - My goal is to help prospective guests locate and choose just the right home for their group so they have the best experience possible when they are staying with us. I am always here to offer recommendations as well as answer and assist with any questions a guest might have before, during, and after their stay. I want our guests to enjoy themselves so much that they plan their return to San Diego before they even leave!

Why do I think makes Bluewater different? - I've seen firsthand that Bluewater truly cares about all of our guests, and strives to make sure that they have the best experience possible staying in one of our homes. Our staff truly goes above and beyond to make sure guests are satisfied.

Charles Boucher bluewater vacation homes

Charles Boucher - Field Operations Manager

Where I'm from - San Diego, California

About me - I enjoy helping others and pursuing my dreams.

Why I love San Diego - Growing up here was a blessing, and I am so thankful for that. San Diego is a very unique place that offers so much to its residents as well as visitors. The climate is amazing! From beaches and mountains to deserts. I love being active in my daily life. Be it surfing, dirt biking, snowboarding, or jetpacking. Here it is all possible in a variety of different settings. I am excited to share San Diego with any visitors, and do my best to show them why I love it here so much! It is such a great place I hope everyone gets to experience even just a fraction of what it has to offer.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience - By overseeing our maintenance and quality assurance techs, my role is to ensure that all our vacation rentals are always up to date and ready for guests to arrive. If any issues arise during a stay, my team can react promptly to minimize any inconvenience, and in between guests, we're on top of any deferred maintenance. My main goal is to ensure that our guests have a memorable experience and our homeowner-partners are always impressed by the condition of their property when they stay there.

How is Bluewater different? - Bluewater is one of a kind. It’s not just about the property but the overall experience the customer receives while staying with us. We also pay very close attention to all our homes and keep them in the best of order for all our owners.

Leah Freeland bluewater vacation homes

Leah Freeland - Director of Operations

Where I'm From - Hanalei, Kauai

About me - A San Diego local that enjoys all the outdoor activities that our city has to offer. I can often be found at the beach with my family and I'm known to enjoy long ocean swims and water photography of my kid's surfing or skimboarding. I have a LOVE for fresh seafood and I am in luck as my husband is an expert fisherman and is always bringing home fresh tuna from our local ocean and sharing it with family and friends. Nothing beats a family bbq to relax and unwind after a long beach day. To show my appreciation and give back to our wonderful city, I am actively involved in local schools and community projects.

Why I love San Diego - The beach....the beach....and well the BEACH! Oh yeah, and the gorgeous sunsets in October and November. San Diego is an amazing community to raise a family in and I consider myself blessed to be able to live and work here.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience - I put my skills to use daily as an innovative leader and problem-solver. We are in a dynamic industry with many moving parts, so developing clear procedures and objectives for my team is important to keep everyone moving in the same direction. I take great pride in providing the operational support needed to keep our homes in top shape and our homeowners and guests satisfied. 

What makes Bluewater outstanding? - Bluewater has a reputation for delivering a consistent experience. I’ve stayed in vacation rentals all over, and I’ll put our homes and team against any other agency out there! 

Stefani Warnick bluewater vacation homes

Stefani Warnick - Director of Revenue and Hospitality

Where I'm From -  Boston, Massachusetts

About me - I love being active and finding adventure, so if I’m not at the gym, I can be found on a mountain hiking/snowboarding or at the beach enjoying the sunshine!

Why I love San Diego -  I have been in San Diego for 7 years now. Moving here was the best decision I ever made! The beach and the sunshine are an obvious highlight, but I think my favorite part of San Diego are the restaurants!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience - I lead our hospitality agents to ensure a top-quality experience for our guests from booking to check out.

How does Bluewater stand apart? - I think Bluewater sets itself apart with our high standards of quality. Whether it be home quality, cleaning, or quality of maintenance, we set the bar high and don’t settle for mediocrity.

megan mcgarty bluewater vacation homes

Megan McGarty - Property Manager

Where I'm from - San Diego, Ca

About me - I’m a huge movie buff and love playing pub trivia. I am a traveler at heart, and happiest out exploring and finding great spots to photograph.

Why I love San Diego - San Diego may be a big city, but each neighborhood has so much character, you feel like you’re in a different place altogether. Plus, so many amazing and unique restaurants, it’s impossible to try them all, but I’m working on it!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience - My love of art and architecture influenced my career starting out in Custom Home Construction, and my love of travel led me to Hosting and Vacation Property Management. That experience helps me ensure our Homes are in the best possible condition. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to create an environment for our Guests to make life-long memories with family and friends.

Why is Bluewater different? - Across the board, the team at Bluewater puts the Guest Experience as our highest priority. Collectively, we use our talents to take the stress out of travel, so our guests can enjoy themselves from the moment they walk in the door.

Ashley De Ruyter bluewater vacation homes

Ashley De Ruyter - Guest Services Agent

Where I'm From -  San Francisco, California

About me - studied at the Academy of Art University and came to San Diego on a small vacation….and never left! I am an abstract painter that enjoys taste-testing my way through the world and spending my down time on the golf course.

Why I love San Diego - Every day can be entirely different depending on the vibe you’re looking for. From the amazing food, beautiful views, and even better people…San Diego has it all!

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience -  I work with the Guest Services team to make sure that all of our guest’s questions are answered and to ensure that they have a stress-free stay. I also provide support to the team to make sure that everything is running as smoothly and efficiently in the office as possible.

What makes Bluewater the best? - Bluewater aims to provide the best customer service possible through the quality of our work and our homes. As a team, we are all dedicated to making every guest’s stay one to remember. 

cameron naiman bluewater vacation homes

Cameron Naiman - Quality Insurance Inspector

Where I'm From - San Luis Obispo, California

About me - I am a huge animal lover and spend a lot of time volunteering with animal rescues.

Why I love San Diego - It's always sunny and 75.

How I contribute to the Bluewater experience - I make sure our homes are perfect before guest check-in so they can have a stress-free stay.

Why is Bluewater different than others? -  We strive to be the best and we don’t cut corners to make a buck.