Work and School Have a New Look This Year

If you’re like many families across the globe, work and school look a little different this year. With more employees and students working and schooling remotely, offices and classrooms have been traded for screens and video calls. 

The challenges of virtual working are obvious, but there are plenty of benefits, too! The biggest one being that you now have the flexibility to work and school from just about anywhere. That makes this the perfect opportunity to take the family on a trip to the southern California coast – without ever having to burn through your coveted vacation time!

If you haven’t thought about taking work and school on the road this year, you definitely should. Traveling opens the door to priceless life experiences, introduces you to new cultures, and brings the whole family closer together. And we have some amazing coastal properties that act as the perfect home base to mark items off your to-do list and your bucket list. Here’s how:

A Private Office with a View

One of the best things about working and schooling virtually is that you can go just about anywhere with an internet connection. Why not check off your to-do list from the balcony of a luxurious beachfront oasis? You’ll have the privacy you need to focus and can escape from home’s many distractions (like that pile of laundry calling your name).

You can also treat yourself to a steady dose of inspiration, courtesy of the amazing Pacific Ocean views that make working remotely much more pleasant. Who needs a tropical zoom background when the real thing is right outside your front door?

Gourmet Lunch Hour

They say you are what you eat – and that’s not always a good thing. For many families, a normal lunch hour consists of whatever is closest to your office or served in the school cafeteria. When working and schooling on vacation, you can trade blah food for brain food! Many of our properties are conveniently located near the best restaurants around, guaranteeing a delicious and nutritious lunchtime meal and delightful dinner time fare. Despite some of the restrictions on indoor dining, most offer some combination of outdoor dining and/or carry-out.  So, when it’s time to get back to the grind, you feel fulfilled instead of just full! 

Better Break Times

Whether it’s a quick trip to the company break room or catching up on social media, most people don’t use their allotted break times to their benefit. Here on the coast, beautiful scenes and fun activities are often right outside your door! Instead of staring at the company fridge, you can gaze at a Pacific sunset. Rather than walking through the school halls, the kids can trek to the beach to enjoy the sand and the surf as the day fades. 

Fun Field Trips

We all remember how excited we were for a class field trip day. Here, field trips are easier (and better) than ever before! Explore the beach to search for life in the swells, take in the trails and sights at some of the best parks, or visit a local museum or art gallery to learn about new cultures. So you can finish up work or school early and spend the afternoon getting in some hands-on learning and adventure that they’ll never forget.

Family Bonding

After spending a long day staring at a screen, the evening hours are yours to do as you please. Too often that means piling on the couch to watch TV or going to your separate rooms to veg out. When you’re working and schooling remotely on the coast, the opportunities for family fun and bonding are almost limitless!  Whatever you choose, you’ll build lifetime memories and strengthen your family bond in ways you can’t achieve at home. Are you ready to turn work and school into a fun-filled work-cation? Browse some amazing Bluewater Vacation Properties and let’s plan that trip today!

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