San Diego Vacation Rental Owner Services

San Diego: Sunny skies, miles and miles of beautiful beaches, perfect weather, world class attractions; it’s all here. Whether you are coming here on vacation or own a vacation home, Bluewater Vacation Homes has created a reputation as the “go to” source for a quality owner and guest experience.

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Bluewater was founded to satisfy the need for a reputable vacation rental agency with integrity, vision, high standards and a focus on top-notch customer service. Our dedication to the guest experience serves owners as well by our commitment to keep our homes in top condition. Our thoughtful and creative strategies, professional and friendly staff, and commitment to exceeding expectations are just some of the not-so-secret ingredients of our success. 

Not only do we have high standards for ourselves, but for the vacation homes where we place our guests. We’re selective and represent only top-quality homes and homeowners who value keeping their homes in top condition to maximize both guest satisfaction and homeowner revenue.

The Bluewater Team

Bluewater Vacation Rental Staff

Why choose Bluewater Vacation Homes?

  • A large, well-trained, and highly motivated staff
  • Dedicated owner service representatives
  • Our homes are regularly inspected after each departure 
  • Open 7 days a week and available for you and our guests
  • Strict guest screening procedures, strong enforcement of rental contracts and good neighbor policies
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Experienced in all facets of the vacation rental process
  • Responsible and active in the local and national vacation rental community

If you find we are a match for you and your property and enter into a partnership with Bluewater, you'll find that we are in this for the long run. You have options and it’s our goal to be your #1 choice for your vacation home in San Diego. We strive to make the experience of owning a vacation rental as effortless and rewarding as possible. Whatever your needs, it’s likely we can accommodate them.  

Homeowner Services

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Bluewater Vacation Homes is a full-service vacation rental agency. We’re equipped to help you, the homeowner, in just about any capacity required. Whether you need help with marketing, managing guest part-time or full-time, you can rest assured that we’ve got it handled:

  •  Initial and Annual Property Assessment
  •  Design Consultation
  •  Vacation Rental Preparation
  •  Establish Market and Seasonal Vacation Rental Rates 
  •  Create an Customized Property Information Binder 
  •  Integrate your home into the Bluewater Vacation Rental Marketing program
  •  Active and Timely Pursuit of Leads and Inquires 
  •  Execution of Rental Agreements
  •  Collection and Administration of Deposits, Rents, and Fees 
  •  Good Neighbor Relations
  •  Facilitation of Owner and Guest Check-in and Check-out
  •  Enforcement of Rental Rules and Regulations
  •  Resolution of Issues affecting Guests
  •  Quality Assurance Checks to Assure the Property is Maintained to High Standards
  •  Provide Owners Access to our Maintenance Providers at our cost
  •  Provide 24/7 Service for Guests and Property 
  •  Conduct Inspections and Inventory upon Check-out
  •  Ensure Thorough Cleaning in Preparation of Upcoming Arrivals
  •  Quality Assurance Spot Checks 
  •  Provide Detailed Monthly and Annual Owner Statements
  •  Provide Owner Access to Reservation System and Availability Calendar
  •  Deposit or Wire Transfer Monthly Owner Disbursements to Owners Account
Because every home, and homeowner, has different needs and expectations we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary property evaluation. This evaluation will provide you with a detailed analysis of projected income along with amenity and inventory requirements. Then, we’ll assist you ever step of the way so that your vacation rental endeavor is as pleasant and rewarding as possible. With Bluewater booking your home you’ll have peace of mind every step of the way.

Owner Testimonials

"Their service, standards and success in renting our place (only) to qualified renters has been nothing short of spectacular. We regularly receive our checks and a professional and detailed accounting of all income and expenses. The staff are equally professional and helpful, and keeps the home immaculate. We are thrilled to have signed up, and give our gratitude to all at Bluewater for your high standards and excellent service" - J. Hope - La Jolla, California.

“Thank you again for your follow up. You and your staff have been phenomenal. I feel this is going to be another great year for our properties”.  – C. Cook, owner of 3 ocean front luxury vacation homes

“I can speak for the three of us that the service we receive now is much better than our previous agency. For myself I'm grateful to you all for making things easier on me.” – M. Shiff, Mission Bay waterfront vacation home

I have been unable to schedule a visit to our condo for the last four months due to it being rented. When I arrived, the condition and cleanliness was as perfect as I left it in the beginning of December. I cannot express how pleased I am with Bluewater".
- M. Blatz, Owner of a Mission Bay waterfront vacation rental

The Bluewater experience is second to none, but don’t take our word for it – ask one of our satisfied owners, or experience it yourself! We’re confident you’ll agree that Bluewater has created something special in San Diego Vacation Rental Space. We invite you to contact one of our happy-to-help-you Bluewater representatives today. You’ll be glad you did!

Guest Testimonials